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We manufacture full size Daleks and all of the other wonderful things you see on this site  so that you can own them at home to enjoy and appreciate. All of the images you see on this site are of our actual products. 
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Full size, officially l i c e n s e d  props m a n u f a c t u r e d  to order
Daniel Hardcastle aka N E R D 3 p o p u l a r  Youtube Gamer has finally  got the Dalek he dreamed of owning. A WWII Ironside Dalek.

Shortly after receiving

his Dalek on his special






y day, Daniel

took to Twitter and

Youtube to express his

elation.  Another

satisfied customer :)


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Full size, officially l i c e n s e d  props m a n u f a c t u r e d  to order
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We celebrate 21 years of lounging on the sofa instead of behind it Thank you to all of  our customers and to BBC WW 
Dalek prices from £3,495 incl vat
“Thanks to your dedicated team I’ve ticked another thing on my bucket list!!” DE Cornwall “Thank you so much. You have made my dream come true” DP Kent “It’s fantastic, couldn’t be happier. Actually I won’t sleep for a week ” TH Lancs “Way beyond better than I ever imagined ” NC Leeds “Absolutely amazed. Worth every penny.  ” TP Norfolk
This variation of the NSD comes with authentic hand painted green livery. Webbing shoulder belt with water bottles and pouches.
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