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Larger items (DALEK and Movie TARDIS) currently have a manufacture time of approximately 10 weeks from placing an order. Completion time can vary depending on our suppliers and also the  type of product on order. Due to the fact that there are so many Dalek variations we don’t carry stock and each is made to the s p e c i f i c  customer order.
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PAYMENT METHODS We can accept PAYPAL Cheques Bank Transfers Cash via Royal Mail Special Delivery Paypal incurs an additional 3.5% charge (this is charged by Paypal) Call us to discuss on 01270 250037 We can build your Dalek  to your timescale and take payments during the extended build time (up to 6 months)
If you have any questions about our products contact us by email or telephone before ordering. When sending an order, inform us by email that your order is going in the post. This allows us to allocate  a slot in our busy schedule ahead of receiving your order form and payment. 1. Email us and we will email an order form to you in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader Format) which you can  print off. If you prefer, email us and we will send a form in the royal mail post to you. 2. Complete the ORDER FORM. 3. Send it to us (see below or the FORM for our address). Make cheques payable to ‘this planet earth ltd’.  4. We will inform you when your order has been received. Normal waiting times for larger items (Daleks) are 8 to 10 weeks from placing an order. Occasionally this  can stretch a little more depending on outside influences and parts supply. We requeest a 50% non-refundable deposit with order (Daleks / TARDIS full size) the balance is due 10 days prior to delivery. Generally, the full size Dalek will fit through a minimum of a 27” doorway but we can work with individual  requirements.
For an application form for any of our products please email, telephone or write: this planet earth ltd PO Box 87 Crewe Cheshire CW1 5GA United Kingdom Tel: 01270 250037
All prices quoted include vat 20% Prices indicated are in UK Pounds See also, Conditions of Sale
Pay by Cheque or transfer by banking online Fasterpay is now the new way to  safely pay and is supported by all major banks. Contact us for our bank details.
New Series Dalek Classic TV Dalek (all variations) Movie Dalek Paradigm Dalek Classic / New Series Dalek delivery £89.95 weekday (For Scotland and non-Mainland UK please phone) Optional Extras: See Order Form TARDIS £ 4,495 £ 1,995
£ 3,695 £ 3,495 £ 3,595 £ 5,995
Full Size TARDIS guide price from  Half Size TARDIS (Smith/Capaldi - Classic) Please state type of TARDIS to obtain pricing  TARDIS delivery / assembly quotes: for the UK please telephone or email stating your full postal address ANGELS the lonely assassins
Full Size Screaming Angel outdoor Full Size Weeping Angel outdoor Delivery: please enquire Wall Plaque Weeping Angel Wall Plaque Screaming Angel Delivery per plaque to UK £35 CYBERMAN £    355 £      35 £ 2,895 £  TBA £    820 £    820 £    695
£ 2,795 £ 2,795 £    325   £    325   £      35
Head (Earthshock, Invasion, Revenge) Delivery £35 to UK Full Earthshock Full Silver Nemesis    £TBA Head Silver Nemesis (Chromed) Gun Silver Nemesis (Chromed) Chest Unit Nemesis (Chromed) Delivery - Head £35, Chest Unit £45, Gun £45 ICE WARRIOR Full Size Standing 1960s Ice Warrior Delivery UK All prices above include vat @20%
£   TBA £   TBA
The Daleks device mark © BBC/Terry Nation 1963. Doctor Who is a trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation © 1963. Doctor Who diamond logo © BBC 1973. Licensed by BBC Worldwide Ltd. CONDITIONS OF SALE WARNING: The Dalek produced by ‘this planet earth ltd’ is sold purely as a collector’s item. IT IS NOT A TOY.  Despite the fact that this reproduction TV prop enables the user to enter the inside of the Dalek, ‘this planet earth ltd’  recommend against this action. ‘this planet earth ltd’ cannot be held responsible for any injury caused to the owner or  any third party during the course of misuse for the purpose intended. The reproduction TV prop ‘The Dalek’ is sold subject to the relevant copyrights stated. It is sold for home use only. All  other rights are reserved. Unauthorised use includes reproducing, hiring, lending, exhibition and public performance. All use is to be non-commercial based. To obtain further details in this respect, all enquiries in the first instance are to be referred to BBC Worldwide Ltd.
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